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Authentic Mexican Cuisine
5607 San Vicente Blvd
Los Angeles, CA 90019
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About Chulada Grill Express

- The expression “Chulada” means “Great” or “Wonderful” for the people of Mexico. When we see a beautiful object or scene, or taste a delicious flavor, “Chulada” is commonly used to express our appreciation. In the corn fields of Oaxaca, before the crop is picked, farmers will look out at their harvest and say, “Que Chulada de maiz!” (What a beautiful cornfield!).

Here at the Original Chulada Grill our name means “Good Food” and “Great Taste”. Come experience the best Oaxacan food and authentic southern Mexican food restaurant in Los Angeles. Dine in our friendly environment, order food to-go, or have it delivered. We look forward to seeing you.

And as you enjoy the best Oaxacan food and authentic Mexican food in town, we encourage you to use the expression:

“Que Chulada de Comida!”

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Reviews and Ratings


Chulada has the worlds most magnificent tacos. They also make a bunch of tasty burritos. I started eating there 10-12 years ago. The reason--I walked in the restaurant to read the menu. Homey fragrance was the first thing to captivate me. Then I looked around and saw the place was spotless. I knew I had found a new favorite spot. The service is pretty good. But just remember a lot of them are youngsters, so just forgive them and enjoy your delectable grub. You will not be sorry at all.
Ellen (11 reviews | 91 orders)
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I've ordered from here twice so far, both times the food was delivered on time and still warm. I always start with the chips,salsa& guacamole. Delicious! The Salsa is my favorite. I only wish it came with more chips. The taquitos & burritos served in a bowl are really yummy too! No order of mine is complete without dessert and their cakes are perfect!
Katie (3 reviews | 463 orders)
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Fast delivery! Good food.
Natalie (2 reviews | 5 orders)
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